Welcome to our new website for BASICS Education Ltd.

BASICS Education Ltd is the training arm of the British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS).

BASICS has been at the forefront of developing immediate care in the UK and is equally proud of its heritage in leading the development of immediate care education in the UK.

Acknowledged as a global authority when it comes to providing training and education, BASICS Education Ltd constantly strives to maintain the validity of its courses through only accepting selected immediate care practitioners onto its faculty. You can be sure that the content and opinions you encounter on any course are right up to date with current thinking.

Whether you want a course for making you better able to cope with emergencies in your community practice, or whether you are looking to embark on a role in BASICS, or are a helicopter medic or a military medic about to be deployed, BASICS Education Ltd has a course for you. Primarily aimed at those whose practice is at an advanced level, BASICS Education Ltd courses are UK orientated, delivered by current multi-disciplinary practitioners and excellent value for money.

Details of our traditionally provided courses can be found at on our main website for the British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) which is located at www.basics.org.uk

Our on-line learning resource including our newly developed electronically delivered course material is here: online courses